At a Gallop Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide At a Gallop Chiang Mai

At a Gallop Chiang Mai Thailand Travel GuideDense jungle stretching to the horizon and hugging the vast expanse of Phrao district of Chiang Mai appeared to accentuate the immensity of the quiet valley, not only to us but even the locals. But travelling on horseback through the wilderness of pristine Phrao we were enjoying every moment of the ride. "The horse will test you in the first hour. It will stop to graze almost on the dot. Remember, your job is to deny him." Those were my first instructions from Boris Mimietz, our group leader who operates horse-riding tours, as he tried to teach me how to control my mount, in this case a sturdy male mountain horse that went by the name of Er-bor.

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Just Their Cup of Tea Chiang Rai Thailand Travel Guide

Just Their Cup of Tea Chiang Rai Thailand Travel GuideChiang Rai is holding a World Tea Festival to highlight its role as a leading producer of tea in the region. Running until February 15, the festival will be held in the Golden Triangle area where former poppy farmers have switched to tea crops. During the festival, one million cups of tea will be served to visitors to promote the province’s tea products. Producers from China, Laos, Cambodia and Taiwan will be represented at the festival, and there will be a variety of cultural events. The province hopes to double the tea-growing areas to 200,000 rai within the next five years from a total 100,000 rai. For more information, call the Ministry of Agriculture at (02) 579 5519.

Castaway Island Ko Chang Thailand Travel Guide

Castaway Island Ko Chang Thailand Travel GuideThe name Ko Chang, or Elephant Island, derives from of its sheer size _ 30 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide _ the second largest in Thailand after Phuket. It's situated eight kilometres off Laem Ngob district in Trat. The Robinson Crusoe-style aura that initially surrounded it has now taken a more touristic overtone helped in part by the building of a metalled road around the island to facilitate travel and exploration. Because the island is huge, visitors arriving there first time can expect a hard time deciding which way to proceed. To the west of the island are the beaches Khlong Son, White Sand, Khlong Phrao, Bai Lan and Lonely.