Orchids in Their Many Forms Nakhon Pathom Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Orchids in Their Many Forms Nakhon Pathom

Orchids in Their Many Forms Nakhon Pathom Thailand Travel GuideA stone's throw from Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom has incredibly huge green areas that lurch behind the urban landscape. These green patches can be easily reached from Bangkok, in two hours, and once there you will find yourself in a very different world. A few moments spent in the greenery of orchards and gardens can be relaxing and stimulating. Once there, follow any backroad that curves and vanishes into the farmland. Countless number of orchid farms are scattered all over the province, particularly in Nakhon Chaisi district which is a famous orchid-breeding centre. The bespectacled greenthumb has been in the orchid breeding business for 40 years. Walking through hanging rows of plants that virtually have no regard for terra firma, he revealed to me a remarkable collection of huge cattleya, and although it was impressive, more impressive were the varied range of orchids that flourish in the warm climate of the tropics. Unlike other nurseries that sold cut flowers

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Natural Hideout Thi Lo Su Tak Thailand Travel Guide

Natural Hideout Thi Lo Su Tak Thailand Travel GuideAs recent as three decades ago, Umphang was regarded a danger area infested with communist insurgents and their sympathisers locked in a bitter war against the government in Bangkok. Today, it's no longer a battlefield, the signs of war having long gone, but an eco-tourism destination that boasts of a terrain rich in flora and wildlife, and Thailand's biggest waterfall, the Thi Lo Su. Rafting in a peaceful environment. Trees with green and yellow leaves (background) make for a colourful spectacle.But the road construction did not proceed smoothly. Skirmishes and sometimes head-on clashes between government forces and the insurgents were common occurrence. As both sides suffered losses and the number of casualties rose, the road was given the sobriquet ``Death Highway''.

Escape to Island Hideaway Trang Thailand Travel Guide

Escape to Island Hideaway Trang Thailand Travel GuideOn a clear day Petra island is visible from Ko Moo's western shoreline. There are only a few resorts on Ko Moo, most of them built only recently. A local boy shows off lobster he caught from the sea. He was later persuaded by tourists to set it free. The majority of Ko Moo's population is Muslim and the food distinctly so. The white sandy beach of Ko Takiang offers a nice spot to lie down after spending long hours of snorkelling in the sea. Biking through paddy fields and local communities is a great way to learn about the islanders' way of life. Most people visiting the southern province of Trang head for the islands of Libong, Kradan, Muk, Waen, Ngai and others located along the central and northern coastlines. They usually bypass Ko Moo, or Sukorn Island, on the southern coast just 30 minutes by boat from the mainland. But that has turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Ko Moo, despite its proximity to the shore, has been able to retain most of its natural charms because it was among the last of the islands off Trang to be promoted as a tourist destination.